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Customs Spotlight: Comic Book Guy as 'Hellboy'

WoS may be over, but our WoS forum is still alive and kickin' with the work of our many great customizers. SCS member monkeyking55901 just finished an excellent custom of a comic book nerd turned comic book hero in his custom of the Comic Book Guy figure as "Hellboy". CBG himself would be proud. Also, member Hi Def Chuck just finished a number of customs including Rich Texan, Scott Christensen, Charlie, and Maude Flanders! Kudos to them and all the other custom makers at SCS!

Well the Valentines stuff went up two minutes after Christmas, but with the actual Valentine's Day holiday less than a month away now, it should be okay to start preparing. As with previous years, a set of Simpsons valentines cards are on sale at stores all over. Member SBBEDD reports seeing them at her local Ralphs supermarket. Other stores like Target should also have these in stock. They're the perfect way to tell that special someone that you're a gee... umm, that you love them dearly.

Disco Stu Doesn't Advertise!

UPDATE: This sale is only good through tomorrow (Monday, the 17th).

The latest batch of Simpson plush dolls by Applause are at deep discount at the Hot Topic website and in stores too. They are currently at $3.49, down from an original $14 price. This deal may be for a limited time, as it is a special sale. The ones on discount are: Bumblebee Man, Disco Stu, Apu, and Raging Willie. Otto remains full price. These dolls measure around 13-15" tall. Thanks to "eugene and rusty" for the heads up.

In our last report on the WoS rereleases at TRU, we indicated that there would be no more coming. While we still believe this to be the case, new info from a Playmates customer service representative has stated that Lisa, Grandpa, Nelson, Moe, Otto and Lenny are still to be rereleased. No timeframe or further info was given. If this does turn out to be true or if any more info surfaces, we will be sure to post an update.

Season 5 DVD Easter Egg List

The Season 5 DVD has been getting rave reviews all over and has been selling well the past few weeks. We have a listing on message board of some reviews. Many of our members have also uncovered many of the easter eggs. We have compiled a list of the one we know off here, for your benefit. Thanks to kraeman, Homer J Brannigan, Nittany Tide, and others for their help finding these. If anyone knows of more, please post them on our forums. See the list below:

... read more

More Simpsons Classics DVDs are on their way to Europe, with the titles Raiders of the Lost Fridge, The Last Temptation of Homer, Crime and Punishment, Viva Los Simpsons and Springfield Murder Mysteries reaching France by February 23rd. No date is yet known for the UK or any other countries, but we will be sure to pass it on when we find out.... read more

With the end of the WoS line (which had previously been our main focus) and the arrival of a new year, we have decided to restructure the forum layouts of our message board. We have merged some forums, cleaned up others, and added a new forum for the Hamilton/Collectibles Today lines which have been growing more popular. We have also updated our archive forums, which are a veritable history of WoS news and discussions. We at the Simpsons Collector Sector will continue to strive in this new year to be the best source of Simpsons collecting information and news on the web and we hope all of you will continue to be a part of our community. Up and at them!

MORE NEWS: First...2

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